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You have arrived at this page searching for short stay apartments in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. You will find this page as your best companion when finding for private rentals in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, as it will not only search for the private apartments but also provide you with information about the city.


Rotterdam Apartment

Rent an apartment in Rotterdam, The Netherlands – from $62 per night!


On our website you will be able to find more than 500 temporary apartments in Rotterdam. All of them are listed by friendly locals. When we are talking about private accommodation in Rotterdam, there is nothing better than leasing flats. It helps save you a hefty amount of money that can be saved for shopping or to enjoy some more days in the country without allowing you to compromise on quality. Self-catering accommodation is also a lot more comfortable, secure and private when compared to hotels.


Rotterdam, private room

Private room for rent in Rotterdam, from $54 per night


You feel at home and nobody’s coming in to clean your room. Adding to these features is that short lets come well furnished and all the basic things like microwave oven, refrigerator, iron etc. are available at your disposal. In this cheap bundle get yourself a lot more space to live in when compared to hotels that just provide you with a tiny single room, you also get living room and kitchen. The short term leases in Rotterdam are also very strategically located, from major attractions to major services all are within walking distance of your condo. You do also get a companion that can be your tour guide and help you in case of emergency and that companion is the owner of your apartment.


Rotterdam, apartment

Rotterdam, apartment for rent. From $84 per night


What You Should Visit While In Rotterdam

It was just a dam constructed in 1270 on Rotter river and had grown into a major commercial centre with time. Today Rotterdam is the second largest city of The Netherlands with a population of 1.3 million, largest port in Europe and one of the busiest ports of the world. Rotterdam is located in the west of Netherlands at the heart of distribution system of rail, road, air and water which extends to Europe, which is why Rotterdam is called the Gateway to Europe. Rotterdam is a city of architecture as within the city centre you will see many buildings with a mix of modern and classic architecture.


The heart of city centre was completely destroyed during World War II by the German army when they invaded the city. It is one of Europe’s most multicultural city which is why Rotterdam was the European Capital of Culture in 2001. Getting around the city is easy as you can travel on metro train, trams, buses and the speciality of Rotterdam ‘water bus’. Some of the notable attractions of Rotterdam are City Hall, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Maritime Museum, Erasmus Statue, Skydive Rotterdam, Saint Lawrence Church, Windmills De Ster and De Lelie, and Rotterdam Zoo. We’ve got studio apartments available from the populous Prins Alexander to the business district of Downtown.


Rotterdam, Holland

Rotterdam, Holland


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